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Tesco to phase out caged eggs

Tesco has pledged to stop sourcing eggs from caged hens by 2025 as part of a renewed focus on sustainable sourcing. Currently, around 43% of the 1.4 billion eggs sold by Tesco each year come from caged eggs, also known as enriched colonies, with the remainder produced using free range or organic methods. Tesco will…
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Foodservice should tell its own ugly veg story

Never one to pass up a PR opportunity, Tesco chose the second week of Wimbledon to publish a blog from its commercial director Matt Simister on how its range of Perfectly Imperfect strawberries have been “literally flying off the shelves” (now that really would be a story). The range, launched this season, already accounts for…
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Tesco publishes food waste figures

TESCO HAS become the first major UK retailer to publish a complete report of its food waste.   The supermarket giant tracked 25 of its bestselling products, from farm to fork, to assess where in the supply chain waste was occurring.   Figures revealed that 68% of salad grown for use in salad bags ended…
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