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‘Frankenfish’ – will buyers take the bait?

David Burrows looks at whether consumers in the US and Europe are ready to take the leap and purchase genetically engineered salmon now that it’s a commercial reality. Would you eat salmon that has been genetically engineered to grow faster on less food? That is the question US consumers will soon be asking themselves as…
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Food safety funding squeeze opens door to rogue traders

British food, water and air quality standards are all under threat as vital inspections plummet and laws are no longer enforced, according to new research. Unchecked, a project of The Ecology Trust, found significant declines in the budgets and staff of enforcement agencies overseeing vital areas of public policy – including environmental protection, health and…
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School meal standards could fall as Brexit bites

School meal nutrition standards could be revised or dropped in the event of a no-deal Brexit, according to the BBC. Internal local council planning documents seen by the broadcaster show use of fresh produce could fall and special dietary requirements might be “difficult to meet”. Some also mention the use of food banks. “Some councils…
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UK’s independent cafés serve 10.5m cups of coffee every week

There are currently 7,022 independent cafés operating in the UK, with an estimated value of £2.4bn. By 2024, the number of outlets could be in excess of 8,000, according to new data compiled by Allegra. UK independents currently serve more than 10.5 million cups of coffee each week. But with branded chains often competing on…
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Unpacking the problem with life cycle analyses

Companies are desperate to understand which packaging materials have the lowest environmental impact, but are life cycle analyses being manipulated and misused to present skewed results? By David Burrows Huhtamaki’s new life cycle analysis (LCA) research comparing different types of cups makes some pretty bold claims. This one in particular stands out: “In most everyday…
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Recycling scheme turns cups into colognes

A new workplace cup recycling service is promising to turn millions of paper cups into high end fibre goods such as packaging for perfumes and colognes. Coffee and vending machine supplier Selecta UK has partnered with waste contractor Veolia to introduce its SelectaGreen Cup Recycling Service at locations including train stations, schools and hospitals. Customers…
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Holiday Inn ditches miniature toiletries

Millions of miniature plastic toiletries will be removed from Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza hotels as part of a commitment by owner InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) to tackle plastic waste. The company has announced its entire hotel estate of almost 843,000 guest rooms will switch to bulk-size bathroom amenities such as refillable ceramic dispensers. IHG…
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Environment Bill “restricts public’s right to information”

An alliance made up of environmental and legal NGOs and journalist bodies is calling on the government to drop a so-called “secrecy provision” included in its Environment Bill. The group consisting of over 30 organisations wrote in an open letter to new environment secretary Theresa Villiers that restrictions on the requirement for a new Office…
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A public health green paper destined for the trash?

Nick Hughes analyses whether the latest proposals to reduce childhood obesity will ever be enacted given they are part of a green paper published on the quiet before Boris Johnson became PM. It’s a tried and tested tactic in politics to choose July or August to publish a document you hope will garner little attention.…
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Campaigners call for calorie levy to tackle obesity

The government is being urged to impose a tax on processed foods containing excessive calories to help tackle obesity. The campaign group Action on Sugar and Action on Salt said a calorie levy on all energy dense processed foods that meet an agreed criteria would help encourage product reformulation and reduce fat, saturated fat and…
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