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Nuance is nudged aside in environmental debates

Sustainability has been boxed into black and white decisions perfect for social media. But in doing so we often miss the science and sidestep the shade, says David Burrows. Plant-based meals are good. So too is paper for packaging. And pay-as-you-earn employment contracts. Making the sustainable, responsible, ethical business choice appears simple. The alternatives are,…
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Sweet trade deals could have bitter consequences

The early weeks of Brexit have been painful for the food industry. A new report claims the risks to public health from free trade agreements should give equal cause for alarm. Nick Hughes reports. We are almost four months into the UK’s new trading relationship with the EU and, in line with predictions, the impact…
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Get real about the race to net zero

In the rush to make a public net zero commitment some companies are failing to question the intrinsic sustainability of their business models, argues Nick Hughes. Has your business set a net zero target for carbon emissions? If the answer is no then there’s every chance you’ll soon be in the minority. When the government…
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Have out-of-home eating habits changed forever?

Foodservice businesses reopen next week. But new research suggests diner demands may be very different from 12 months ago. Nick Hughes reports. The coronavirus pandemic has turned the way many of us eat on its head. That’s why the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) latest public survey into food behaviours and attitudes has such pertinence for…
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Is obesity regulation on the ropes?

Recent announcements hint at a softening of government plans to tackle obesity, with an emphasis on personal responsibility rather than industry regulation. Nick Hughes reports. These are pivotal times for obesity policy in England. With Public Health England in the process of being wound down and its health improvement work due to be subsumed into…
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Deliveroo’s IPO won’t tempt responsible investors

Recent judgements and new legislation threaten companies that have thrived in the gig economy. David Burrows reports. Locked down and with nowhere to go, we have all gobbled up more takeaways. No surprise, then, that Deliveroo could today post London’s biggest initial public offering (IPO) in a decade, potentially valuing the business at some £8.8bn.…
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PLASTICS PACKAGE: Cup collection scheme kicks charges into touch

Spring has brought two new consultations on EPR and DRS. There are 495 pages. Have you read them yet? Two new packaging consultations finally landed on Wednesday: one on extended producer responsibility (EPR) and the other on deposit return schemes (DRS). These will “boost recycling, tackle plastic pollution and reduce litter”, the government said. There…
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Dark kitchens must come out of the shadows

Covid-19 has thrust the dark kitchen model into the spotlight but are food safety standards at risk? By David Burrows. Dark kitchens – also known as cloud, ghost or satellite kitchens – are nothing new. Indeed, the Guardian reported on the phenomenon in London as far back as October 2017. The paper described chefs working…
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Meat bites back

Regenuary is a provocative alternative to Veganuary. But can it encourage a more nuanced debate about ‘better’ meat? David Burrows reports. In the past couple of years Veganuary has hogged the headlines as Brits promise to give up meat and dairy products in the first month of the year. In 2021, half a million had…
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Is this the high street of the future?

Ambitious plans to turn Oxford Street into an exemplar for sustainable city-making provide hospitality venues with plenty of food for thought. Nick Hughes reports. Images of previously bustling city centres transformed into ghost towns by covid-19 have neatly captured the other-worldly nature of the past 12 months. With commuters asked to work from home and…
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