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Sugar study shows sweeter reduction stats

Voluntary reformulation is proving more effective than government figures suggest. But only just. Nick Hughes reports. Food businesses have taken plenty of flack in recent times for their action on sugar – or lack thereof – so the emergence of new data that paints a more positive picture of industry progress will be welcomed by…
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Tough times for recycling soft plastics

Food businesses rely heavily on flexible plastics but is enough being done to recycle them? By David Burrows. When it comes to plastics, the softer they get the harder they are to recycle. And that presents a major issue for the food sector, which relies heavily on this lightweight packaging. A quarter of all consumer…
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Hospitality’s net-zero navigator

Mark Chapman has brought some of the sector’s biggest names to the table to set a roadmap for achieving net zero. David Burrows meets the Zero Carbon Forum leader. Mark Chapman’s life currently revolves around answering two questions: how many tonnes of greenhouse gases the hospitality sector is responsible for and what the plan is…
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Sodexo appoints new inclusion head

Sodexo UK & Ireland has made a crucial new appointment by making Raj Jones its permanent Head of Diversity & Inclusion. Raj started her career with Sodexo in 2007, taking on a role in Learning & Development for the Justice part of the business before moving to a secondment with the central Diversity & Inclusion…
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Meat claims are driving me round the bend

Shock campaigns that link food choices to climate change are great but some of the messaging is just confusing. By David Burrows. "One hamburger pollutes more than your car." This massive billboard advert by Heura Foods, a plant-based start-up, located in central Madrid was taken down after the Spanish meat industry sued. They claimed it…
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Time to fix public procurement

Caterers and campaigners want a more sustainable model for public procurement but are politicians equally hungry for change? Nick Hughes reports. As the foodservice sector begins the long road to recovery from coronavirus now might seem the wrong time to be tinkering with rules over public procurement. But leaving covid-19 aside for a moment, there…
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Political print: Are we really governed by environmentalists?

The government is facing some inconvenient truths as patience with its green promises begins to dry up. David Burrows reports. “I am an environmentalist,” declared Michael Gove in July 2017. “We need to maintain and enhance the natural world around us, or find ourselves facing disaster.” He talked of better protection of the marine environment,…
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Coffee culture’s climate challenge

Caterers and high street chains are enticing people back out with top quality coffee. But a warming planet could make a decent cup of Joe harder to find. David Burrows reports. “Everyone is missing coffee culture,” Adrian Evans, Sodexo food transformation director, said to me during a chat last year. At the time the pandemic…
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Fraud warning as sector reopens

Many people have been heading out for their first drink at a pub, café or restaurant, but is the beverage what they think it is? David Burrows reports. According to a survey of 100 senior executives across the beverage sector, 97% have been affected by beverage fraud in the past 12 months. What’s more, 80%…
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Plastics Package: Turkish troubles and German ingenuity

This month’s musing accepts that we can’t recycle ourselves out of crises and doffs its Tyrolean hat at mandatory reusable packaging laws. With only 1,200 words to play with, let’s light the touch paper in this month’s incinerator-hot column with the following from a paper in the Wires Water journal: “… the current discourse on…
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