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The price of ending cheap foreign labour

Following the government’s announcement of a new immigration policy designed to exclude “low-skilled” migrants, Nick Hughes says we might all miss their contribution to the economy when they’re no longer here. Some years ago, after graduating from university, I spent several months working in a newly opened branch of Carluccio’s in Tunbridge Wells. It was…
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Why has Costa removed recycling bins for cups?

(Small) signs have started appearing in Costa Coffee outlets asking customers to “leave their cups on a shelf or hand them to a member of staff”. A spokesperson for the chain, owned by Coca Cola, declined to say whether this is a new initiative designed to overcome high levels of contamination in recycling bins for…
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Environment Bill must include deforestation regulation

The Environment Bill must include a “due diligence” regulation requiring companies to guarantee they are not contributing to deforestation or polluting other parts of the world. According to WWF, the new chapter in the Bill would address Britain’s “global footprint”, and include a legally-binding target to ensure the supply chains of British companies are deforestation-free…
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Government caterers must adopt “less and better” approach to meat

The government’s catering services need to reduce the amount of meat and dairy options available, according to Green MP Caroline Lucas. “If Parliament can get its procurement policies right, then we’ve got much greater authority to call on other players in society to get their procurement policies rights as well,” she told The House magazine.…
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Food waste figures don’t tell the full story

While it might not yet have the headline data to prove it, Wrap argues the foodservice industry is making progress in the battle to limit food waste, writes Nick Hughes On the face of it, Wrap’s latest food waste figures do not show foodservice businesses in the greatest light. Despite an overall 7% drop in…
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Dangerous ‘forever chemicals’ found in high street food packaging

High levels of potentially toxic chemicals have been found in packaging from leading high street food brands and supermarkets. A new report by environmental charity Fidra has revealed significant levels of so-called ‘forever chemicals’ present in 90% of food packaging tested including bakery and cookie bags. PFAS (per and poly-fluorinated alkyl substances) are a group…
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Vegetarian Express launches ‘industry first’ emissions tracker

Vegetarian Express will start providing customers with greenhouse gas emissions data as it seeks to promote the benefits of choosing plant-based meal options. The vegetarian and vegan food distributor said the move to provide its customers with a detailed quarterly report detailing the environmental savings gained from putting plant-based meals on their menus versus meat…
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A fly in the ointment of novel foods?

New laws are being designed to accelerate the growth of novel foods, including algae, insects and cultured meat, but will Brexit put the brakes on things? Novelty can contribute substantially to the success of a restaurant or catering company, offering customers something new and competitors something to think about. However, introducing a new twist on…
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Wage cheats to be named and shamed

Businesses that fail to pay their employees the national minimum and living wage rates will continue to be publicly named and shamed, the government has confirmed. The current naming scheme will be resumed following a review, however the threshold for the level of arrears at which point an employer’s identity will be made public has…
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The hunt for soya substitutes

Use of sustainable soya in animal feed is rising, but farmers are hoping that alternatives emerge sooner rather than later. David Burrows reports. “Use of soya is maybe five or 10 times more than palm oil but the attention companies give it is five or 10 times less,” WWF-UK’s head of food commodities Emma Keller…
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