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Footprint at The Ivy

In October 2021, Footprint published A Caterer’s Guide to Better Meat in association with RSPCA Assured. Based on expert insight, the report considered what ‘better’ meat looked like for the foodservice sector and how operators could integrate buying better into their sourcing policies.
This follow-up report, Better Meat for Foodservice, provides insight from 10 organisations from across the industry spectrum on their experiences as operators and suppliers.

Comment: the complexities of changing food behaviours

It is only when we understand the richness and complexity of our relationship with food that we can change food behaviours for the better together, says Annet Hoek. Changing consumer food choices and consumption seems to be a more challenging endeavour compared to other consumer product choices, such as clothing or home appliances. That’s because…
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Political Print: UK dithers in race to zero

Mainstream business groups are agitating for policies that will drive a green industrial revolution, but ministers are still not listening. Nick Hughes reports. Last month I made an impassioned plea for business leaders who want to see the government adopt stronger sustainability policies to make their voices heard. Perhaps Tony Danker was listening? In a keynote speech delivered at…
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Collaborate or die – the stark choice facing brewers

A refreshed roadmap for UK brewers shows how supply chain cooperation will be key to reaching net-zero. David Burrows reports. Give me the big numbers. UK brewers are responsible for 2.2MtCO2e every year, according to the Zero Carbon Forum (ZCF). Scopes 1 and 2 account for 220ktCO2e and have to fall 90% by 2040, while scope…
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How businesses can mend the ‘broken rung’ of the career ladder

At a time when job vacancies are soaring employers need to do everything they can to keep underrepresented groups, such as women, in the workforce. Nick Hughes reports. The UK’s labour crisis shows little sign of easing. At 1.16 million the number of job vacancies across the whole economy remains at historically high levels, according…
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A fine time for food fraud

A decade on from the horsemeat scandal the risk of fraud looms as large as ever over the foodservice sector. Nick Hughes reports. It was 10 years ago this month that horsemeat was first detected in foods labelled as beef burgers, ready meals and other convenience food products. The scandal tainted both the retail and…
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The Friday Digest: The price is right for meat reduction

Food and drink price inflation in the foodservice sector ended 2022 at 24%, according to the latest CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index. All 10 food categories analysed saw year-on-year double-digit inflation in December with average prices of oils and fats surging by a whopping 47%. In this context it’s little wonder that operators continue to look…
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Comment: the footprints of food brands can be deceptively dainty

Digging through the data in order to report your full climate footprint can be heavy going but it pays to be transparent when reporting it, says David Burrows.  Food companies continue to struggle with their scope 3 (value chain) emissions, which are on average more than 11 times higher than their scope 1 and 2…
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Coming clean on plastic (and all other packaging)

Collating and reporting plastic packaging data “drives change”, according to a new report involving McDonald’s and Starbucks. Will others follow this lead? By David Burrows. Tell me what’s new. For the past three years WWF has been working with a handful of big companies to collect data on their global plastic packaging footprints and use it…
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Comment: is mimicking meat a seriously good idea?

Plant-based alternatives are helping the shift to more sustainable diets but they don’t all need to mimic meat, says Eugene Wang. Hardly a day goes by without news of a new alternative to meat, or a study showing the need to shift our consumption patterns towards eating less meat and more plants. I still very…
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