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Five things to know: Changing food behaviours

The House of Lords environment and climate change committee has been quizzing experts about the role of behaviour change in meeting the UK’s environment goals. David Burrows reports. 1. Through the net-zero looking glass. The Government Office for Science is undertaking net-zero ‘scenarios work’, exploring the way in which society might change and the impact those…
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INTERVIEW: Adnams plans to weather brewing storm

Chief executive Andy Wood reveals how the Suffolk brewer is investing in resource efficiency and local relationships to help protect it against cost and climate pressures. Nick Hughes reports. Out of the frying pan into the fire: that’s the way many hospitality sector businesses will be feeling as the removal of covid restrictions has segued…
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Nestlé Professional & Footprint launch the 2022 Sustainability Index 2022

The 2022 Sustainability Index in association with Nestlé Professional was launched today. The report identifies key trends and opportunities to help foodservice leaders capitalise on opportunities and conquer challenges.

It provides vital insight on key questions, such as:

  • Will diners and drinkers seek out healthier, more sustainable options, keen to protect themselves and the planet?
  • Or will they hunt for the treats – the nights and meals out – they have missed?
  • How will the cost of living crisis and rising supply chain costs impact consumers’ willingness to spend their money on greener choices if they cost more?

Covering clients and consumers; sustainable diets; energy, emissions and natural resources; waste and resources; policy and supply chain; employee health and wellbeing, and drawn from in-depth industry interviews, deep industry engagement, consumer surveys and extensive secondary research, the Footprint Sustainability Index 2022, provides answers. These include:

  • 1 in 4 consumers choose a place to eat because of its ethics/environmental practices
  • 1 in 5 of UK consumers had checked a venue’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions when eating out
  • 64% of UK consumers had tried to reduce the amount of meat they eat in the last 12 months
  • 1 in 5 of UK consumers boycotted a place to eat in the last 12 months because of its ethics or environmental practices
  • 42% of consumers would choose a venue because its signage displayed a commitment to reducing CO2e

The preview for the launch of the 2022 Footprint Sustainability Index, in association with Nestlé Professional, was held live on YouTube on Thursday May 12th 2022 at 11am.  As well as a presentation of the report's findings and anecdotes, this preview featured a keynote and panel session featuring a number of the report's contributors. Click HERE to watch the launch of the report.

COMMENT: Vigilance needed to fend off food crime

A huge spike in commodity prices creates the perfect set of conditions for criminal activity in the food supply chain, says Nick Hughes. Next year will mark the tenth anniversary of the ‘horsegate’ scandal in which horsemeat was illegally substituted for beef in a range of retail and foodservice products. The scandal was front page…
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Time to deliver on ethnic diversity

A new Footprint Intelligence report shows signs of progress among hospitality businesses on ethnic diversity and inclusion but true employee equity remains a long way off. Nick Hughes reports.  May 25th will mark the second anniversary of the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Floyd’s murder led to worldwide protests and brought global…
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Comment: Addicted to greenwash

The coffee sector is making more environmental claims than ever but brands need to tread very carefully, says David Burrows.  Why do food and drink brands greenwash? It is a question I’ve been mulling over recently after being invited on the Adventures in Coffee podcast to discuss this very hot topic.  Coffee as a sector…
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Counting on carbon to change consumer choices

Wahaca has joined Leon and Benugo in adding greenhouse gas emission footprints to its menus. Will consumers take any notice, asks David Burrows? From April 1st, businesses employing more than 250 staff have had to start displaying calorie labels on all the food and drink they prepare for customers. “I am not a huge fan of…
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World prepares for more food price pain

New reports detail the huge risks to future food security from the war in Ukraine and how the right policy responses can help mitigate them. Nick Hughes reports. Beyond the heart-breaking humanitarian crisis unfolding within the borders of Ukraine, the world faces a “human catastrophe” from a food crisis arising from Russia’s invasion of its…
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Net-zero notebook: Coffee, climate compensation and carbon cuts

Costa commits to slash ‘per cup’ carbon emissions in half by 2030 but the chain’s total emissions will only fall by 18.5%. What gives? By David Burrows. Costa has published a two-page net-zero plan (more details to come, we assume). This will see emissions (all scopes, globally) cut from 540,000tCO2e in 2019 to 54,000tCO2e in 2040. Most (95%)…
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Footprint’s five things to know: scope 3 emissions

Are higher prices, more consolidated supply chains and a reliance on offsetting on the cards? By David Burrows. 1. Net-zero’s nightmare. When it comes to net-zero it is scope 3 emissions that are keeping food businesses awake at night. “Once you get into scope three, it becomes very difficult for us because it's not completely within our…
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