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Poll shows support for tougher sugar regulations

Nearly three in four Brits want the government to force the food industry to cut the sugar content of foods. The poll, by BMG research for the Huffington Post, showed that only 10% don’t want tougher reformulation laws. Support for the regulations increases with age, with support highest amongst those over 65 (75%). Support then…
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New childhood obesity strategy? Fat chance.

The Childhood Obesity Strategy has been delayed again, this time until after the summer recess. “Work on that [strategy] continues,” said the Prime Minister’s official spokesman in response to a question from the Huffington Post UK. “I think it is more likely to be into the autumn than it is this week, but we will…
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Goodbye to supersize?

AS NEW YORK bans giant servings amid growing pressure to confront obesity, Footprint asks if the UK's soft drinks face hard regulation.                           Last month Coca-Cola unveiled a new advert, but it’s not just any advert. Instead of relating its drinks to happiness the…
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