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Fishy goings on in foodservice

Mislabelling of supermarket fish has fallen dramatically thanks to regulation, media pressure and industry collaboration. The news is less positive for catering. Mislabelling in supermarkets has been cut to levels that might be expected through human error alone. A team of researchers from across the EU carried out DNA testing on 1,563 samples across nine of…
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Sodexo Prestige pushes unfashionable fish

SODEXO PRESTIGE London is promoting less fashionable, under-used fish at its client restaurants and venues to help protect overfished species like cod.   Fish varieties like dab, gurnard and pouting are being given a culinary make-over and promoted as gourmet fish specials of the day on restaurant blackboards at locations such as the Churchill War…
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Sustainable brain food for students

DURHAM UNIVERSITY has just become the first independently-catered university in the UK to offer its students MSC certified sustainable fish.   The move towards Marine Stewardship Council certified status means that students in all 16 catered colleges now have the option to choose independently certified sustainable fish for the first time as part of their…
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A Sea of Sustainability

Seafood taken from the world’s oceans has increased five-fold in the past 50 years. Yet Britain’s appetite continues to grow, especially out of home where it accounts for 18 per cent of meals. These two combined factors are putting a major strain on the world’s resources; the reason why Brakes Group is on a mission…
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MSC certified sustainable fish

More than one million people in the UK will be offered MSC certified sustainable fish in workplace restaurants, schools, hospitals and defence sites, thanks to leading foodservice provider Sodexo. In a world-first, Sodexo has had all of its restaurants and cafés certified to serve Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified sustainable fish. MSC fish will be…
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INTERVIEW with Mike Berthet

Q. Mike, you are somebody admired by Footprint for the enormous amounts of work you do in the cause of sustainability. Tell us what has driven you in your relentless work?   Because of our responsibility as leaders of the industry, we do take it very seriously. My overriding desire is that chefs of the…
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INTERVIEW with Charles Clover

    Charles Clover’s book, The End of the Line, screams for attention to the crisis of diminishing global fish stocks and is now a powerful and thought provoking movie, currently showing in the West End of London. Footprint met with him to discuss the very clear implications to the foodservice industry.   Q. Charles,…
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Is it enough to worry about Tuna in isolation?

With the recent release of the excellent docufilm 'The End of the line' by Charles Clover, tuna has become an exceedingly hot topic, and rightly so. There is no doubt that the film has been successful in raising awareness around over fishing and by-catch, and it's certainly put these difficult issues firmly on the agenda.…
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