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LIVESTOCK IS RESPONSIBLE for 80% of agricultural emissions, according to new research published in Environmental Research Letters. The authors suggested that technical and behavioural changes are required to curb the emissions. PUPILS ARE twice as likely to achieve above average results if they eat breakfast, according to new research by scientists at Cardiff University. The…
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Temperatures to rise one degree

CLIMATE CHANGE triggered by temperatures warming by four degrees will put 5.9 million UK residents at risk from rising sea levels. A two-degree rise will threaten 3.9 million people. The findings, published by Climate Central, come as the UK’s Met Office also released new figures showing that global temperatures will likely rise more than one…
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Ben & Jerry’s to reduce carbon emissions

GLOBAL ICE CREAM brand Ben & Jerry's is increasing its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions with a move towards 'carbon insetting' to improve supply chain resilience and resource efficiency.                       In its 2013 Social and Environmental Assessment (SEAR) report, Ben & Jerry's announced investment in…
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