British Retail Consortium

  • Retailers race ahead on green goals

    RETAILERS have exceeded their environmental targets relating to waste, transport and energy, according to a new progress report.   The report, “A Better Retailing Climate”, shows how the sector is performing across a range of impacts.   In each case… Read More

  • Caterers ‘real culprits’ in horse meat scandal.

    THE BOSS of Iceland has launched a scathing attack on the catering industry, claiming that they and the local authorities are to blame for the current horse meat crisis.   In an interview with the BBC on Sunday, February 17th,… Read More

  • Caterers criticised in horse meat scandal

    LABOUR HAS criticised the reaction of caterers and the hospitality sector to the horse meat scandal.   While the retailers have reacted with “speed” following the discoveries of horse and pork meat in beef products, shadow environment secretary Mary Creagh… Read More

  • Nutritional labelling consultation

    THE BRITISH Retail Consortium has launched a consultation to seek views on what the new front of pack nutritional labelling system for food should look like.       In October 2012, all four UK administrations made a joint announcement… Read More

  • Supermarkets adjudicator in place

    LARGE SUPERMARKETS have been told to treat their suppliers fairly, or face fines from the new Groceries Code Adjudicator.   In a change likely to be widely welcomed by suppliers and farmers, the Competition Minister Jo Swinson announced that the… Read More

  • Whiter than white?

    FOODSERVICE BUSINESSES talk a good game when it comes to supporting British dairy farmers, but few are willing to divulge details of the price they are paying for milk.                      … Read More

  • Coffee chains must “pay a bit more” for milk

    THE HEAD of one of the UK’s biggest milk buyers and dairy processors has suggested that the likes of Costa and Starbucks need to pay more for their milk.                      … Read More

  • Salt reduction at standstill

    FOOD MANUFACTURERS and retailers have announced that they are approaching “the limit of what’s possible” in terms of removing salt from their products.   New research, commissioned by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and the Food and Drink Federation (FDF)… Read More

  • Caterers dragged in to milk debate

    RETAILERS HAVE taken a swipe at caterers, food manufacturers and the Government for not paying farmers enough for milk.   Supermarkets have come under intense pressure in recent weeks after a series of price cuts, which the NFU has said… Read More

  • Carrier bag use rises

    THE BRITISH Retail Consortium (BRC) has played down new figures that reveal carrier bag use is on the rise again.   Data released by WRAP, the Waste and Resources Action Prorgamme, shows a total of eight billion ‘thin-gauge’ bags were… Read More