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Bidfood campaign backs British bees

Bidfood is aiming to draw attention to the vital role played by bees in food production through a new initiative. The pollination campaign will raise awareness of declining bee colonies in the UK through a series of activities that help foster a healthy environment for bees. These include building bee ‘hotels’, creating bee-friendly gardens and…
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News in review – health, bees, milk, water and sugar updates

HEALTH. OBESITY has been in the news again this week. New research suggests the obesity crisis could be partly driven by women having fewer children as first born children are 29% more likely to be overweight as adults. Meanwhile, according to new data from Public Health England, up to five million people in England are…
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Soil Association: Organic farming can help save bees

THE SOIL ASSOCIATION has responded to the Government’s recent National Pollinator Strategy, welcoming the goal to halt and reverse the decline in pollinators.                   The organisation has said that new evidence is already showing how the loss of bees and other pollinators is affecting farmers with studies…
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Bee decline set to force food price up

THE DRAMATIC declines in bee numbers could force food prices up as farmers turn to hand-pollination.                       Research by bee experts at the University of Reading have calculated that it would cost the UK £1.8 billion every year to hand-pollinate crops without bees.   The…
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