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As a sector we’re now at the stage of pivoting from the crisis response to navigating our way through the 'new normal'. Preparing for the future will be an opaque process. Getting it right is imperative and peer to peer learning will be absolutely vital, as will presenting a united front in the context of responsible business. For this reason a niche collaborative community and network of businesses representative of the whole supply chain is essential.

Furthermore, sustainability will be more important than ever. Research published by Sky News in June, as part of its “After the Pandemic” series, identified the issues looming largest for the world after the pandemic. 'The Environment' took a clear lead with 33% of the vote, whilst ‘Preventing Future Pandemics' came second, but received less than half this tally, with 15%. Covid-19 by definition is a responsible business issue and the exit from the crisis should be addressed within this framework.

The Responsible Business Recovery Forum is a platform for progress and evolution in crisis. The RBRF's mission is to re-boot success as the most progressive group of operators, brands and suppliers. The Forum will lead the way on the road to out of home recovery, within the context of responsible business.

We would like to invite the industry’s most progressive businesses to be part of this exclusive group. The deck to the left sets out the mission, the business case and the return on investment. Please download. The programme consists of a packed diary of virtual events and we would like members to be able to share thought leadership and shout about being part of this movement to its own stakeholders, staff and clients as much as possible.

For more information and to join the Responsible Business Recovery Forum please email


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