Cows, coffee and COP 21

DESPITE A CANCELLED climate march, COP 21 in Paris has started strongly amid tight security. Countries are keen to show their commitment with 150 world leaders, such as Cameron, Obama and Merkel, turning up to show their support.

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Europe is putting waste high on the agenda, committing European countries to recycling 65% of their rubbish, 75% of their product packaging, and capping landfill at 10% by 2030, and calling on other countries to follow. However, in a disappointing move, especially when the foodservice industry is beginning to make traction, specific food waste targets, along with marine litter targets, have been dropped.


Agriculture, which accounts for one third of global emissions, must also be addressed at COP 21. Targets for methane reduction and limiting ammonia, key agricultural pollutants, are on the table, but food and farming must have time in the spotlight for agriculture to play a positive role in tackling climate change.


Coffee looks set to lead the way, with Starbucks and other key industry players launching the sustainable coffee challenge. This is aimed at making coffee the first sustainable agricultural product.