Interviews: Industry professionals

Interviews with the key industry professionals, business leaders, researchers and thinkers in the UK out of home food and drink sector

Compass’s net-zero captain

Carolyn Ball has the transformative task of delivering the catering giant’s pledge to become a net-zero business by 2030. She spoke with Nick Hughes. As the crucial COP26 climate summit in Glasgow enters its final week major organisations yet to commit to a net-zero future are increasingly becoming isolated within the business community. Compass is…
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Interview: WRAP ups the ante on food targets

The NGO’s new climate lead tells Nick Hughes how the current sustainability landscape requires a fresh level of ambition from businesses. It’s been a busy few months for the waste and resources action programme (WRAP). In July, the NGO raised the stakes on its flagship Courtauld Commitment by setting more stretching targets for greenhouse gas emissions, food…
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Interview: Delivering on diversity

The hospitality sector has struggled to tackle racial equality in the workplace, but Lorraine Copes is on a mission to redress the balance. Nick Hughes reports. “Throughout my career, particularly since I became a senior business leader, when I look to my left and to my right there is never another person of colour in…
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Interview: The supplier going straight to source

Collectiv Food wants to help foodservice businesses rebuild after the pandemic with a model based on fairness, transparency and sustainability. Nick Hughes speaks to its founder Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi.   If the coronavirus pandemic does accelerate a move to shorter supply chains, as has been advocated in certain quarters, then Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi is one step ahead…
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Packed lunches, disposable plates and classroom dining

Covid-19 has forced Scotland’s caterers to adapt. But delivery of hot, nutritious food in a sustainable way remains possible despite the pandemic. David Burrows reports. As the first back in after the summer holidays and a long period of lockdown, Scotland’s school caterers are the UK’s guinea pigs. “We get to make all the mistakes,”…
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The power of fragility

From supporting rapid change to the power of young chefs, Amy Fetzer talks to Nestlé Professional’s MD Katya Simmons about rays of hope for a sustainable future in a post-Covid world. “Life is fragile, but even when things seem solid, nothing is a given.” In a Covid-19 world, this is a sentiment we have seen…
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Interview: All aboard the Vegetarian Express

Soaring demand for vegan and vegetarian foods has been a gift to the foodservice distributor. Now, MD David Webster wants to show customers how they are benefiting the planet by choosing plant-based. Nick Hughes reports. David Webster could be forgiven for exuding a sense of anxiety. It’s 13 March when we speak and the spread…
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Interview: Just Eat – reuse and refill models are too costly

Just Eat works with 34,000 restaurants that deliver to 95% of all UK postcodes, serving over 12.7 million customers. The single-use packaging footprint of the operation is considerable. Robin Clark, Just Eat’s business partnerships director, talks to David Burrows about why choosing materials keeps him awake at night and why it’s a struggle to make…
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Henry Dimbleby: a man with a plan

The Leon co-founder and author of the School Food Plan has been tasked with leading the development of England’s first National Food Strategy in 75 years. He talks to Nick Hughes about why the time is right for a rewiring of the food system, and why foodservice has a key role to play. NH: Given…
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The pros and cons of climate labels

A universally supported and adopted climate label for food could do great things, but it won’t be easy to set up, says Sarahjane Widdowson of Ricardo Energy & Environment in an interview with Footprint Footprint recently reported on how consumer-facing carbon labels (remember those?) could be set for a comeback. Three in four adults would…
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