Brits worry about dodgy food labels

Nearly half (48%) of British adults are less likely to buy meat if they cannot be sure it has been produced in the UK, while around two in five (42%) place the risk of food mislabelling among their top three concerns for imported food standards following Brexit.

The survey commissioned by Oritain, a forensic traceability company, also found that 69% of people have become more concerned since the horsemeat scandal that food may be different from the label. In fact, 85% agreed that if a food brand was involved in a food scandal, they would be less likely to buy their products in the future.

The results follow reports last week that more than a fifth of meat sample tests carried out last year found DNA from animals not listed on the label.

Of the 2,053 people surveyed by ComRes, 53% were also concerned that the food products they buy may be falsely labelled.

When asked what food standards they felt were most at risk following Brexit, food production hygiene standards (62%) was the most cited response, followed by the quality of food (61%) and animal welfare standards (56%).

Nearly half (49%) agreed they would pay more for food that has had its origin independently verified, while 71% felt it was important to know where their food was produced when deciding what to buy.

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