Our mission is simple

Footprint is the leading source of information on responsible business and sustainability for the foodservice, hospitality and grocery retail supply chains.

Our Objective

Footprint enables businesses to operate more sustainably and responsibly whilst enjoying greater commercial and reputational success.

What we do

  • The market-leading source of real-time information on sustainability and responsible business
  • The only sector-specific provider of information exclusively about sustainability and responsible business globally (Foodservice, Grocery Retail, Infrastructure and Corporate Services and Facilities in Finance)
  • The only media platform enabling the market to consume (and communicate) information about corporate sustainability performance accessible through whatever means chosen; magazine, website, digital news products, social media, film, webinars, forums, special interest groups, conferences and awards
  • Anticipate and forecast trends and legislation; offering knowledge and tools for leverage and mitigate ahead of time
  • A forum for understanding sustainable and responsible commerce in sector-specific b2b contexts
  • Define CSP/CSER strategy development through improving awareness and showcasing solutions
  • Improve overall market performance by connecting sustainability and responsible business activity across channel-specific supply chains and defragmenting” complex markets; resulting in collaborative and transparent practices
  • Create understanding and collaboration up and down industry supply and value chains as well as with policy-makers, NGO's and media; an external mouthpiece for the industry
  • Networking platforms for senior executives with a sustainability and responsible business agenda (board, purchasing and CSR level)
  • Reward and recognition of effective and measurable sustainability endeavour
  • Benchmarking information on company and industry-wide CSP - Research & Analysis
  • Consulting on CSP communications –including stakeholder relations

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