Foodservice Footprint w2z780x150 Waste2Zero    Waste remains endemic and a mega-trend and one of the biggest challenges to the foodservice and hospitality industry. Food waste, in particular, has emerged as one of the defining sustainability issues of our modern food system, whilst packaging and other non-food waste presents a perpetual and colossal problem.

In the out of home sector, 920,000 tonnes of food is wasted every year, of which a staggering 75% is avoidable. Simultaneously, 1.3 million tonnes of packaging and 0.66 million tonnes of other non-food wastes are also discarded. Much best practice is in evidence; but an unacceptable waste culture also remains prevalent.

Responding to demand, the objective of waste2zero - the first awards of its kind in the sector - is to specifically give the out of home industry a platform to showcase best practice and recognise excellence in this vital area for the first time. The natural by-product is to encourage those organisations still indifferent about waste to take the issue more seriously and to get involved in its management and prevention at a business level.

The winners will be announced at the glamorous Awards Dinner to be held at the In & Out Club, 4 St James' Square, London SW1Y 4JU on Thursday 4th of October 2018.

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