Sustainable success in the new normal: conquering challenges in education catering in a COVID-19 world

In association with ASSIST FM, Brakes Scotland, CRB Cunninghams and Sodexo UK & Ireland

COVID-19 has created a raft of new challenges for those involved in catering for the education sector, from disruption in the supply chain and the availability of products, to multiple sittings, an increased propensity towards pack lunches and wildly fluctuating student numbers. The sector has been amazing, responding with innovation and imagination to provide nutritious food to young people.

But with resources stretched, it is more important than ever to pool knowledge and share successes on effective ways to provide nutritious food whilst finding efficiencies, managing costs and keeping sustainability at the heart of the education offering.

For this reason ASSIST FM and Footprint, supported by Brakes Scotland, CRB Cunninghams and Sodexo, came together to create a highly actionable and timely guide based on detailed and in-depth research with caterers, suppliers, local authorities, NGOs, campaigners and other key players to identify some of the industry’s most pressing challenges. The report highlights initiatives and case studies to share ideas and solutions to provide a much-needed guide to navigating the new normal.

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