Salty surprise in plant-based meals

A survey of 290 plant-based and vegan menu items from 45 different restaurants, cafés and fast food chains has revealed that one in five dishes contain more than the recommended total daily salt intake (6g) for an adult.

The research, carried out by nutritionists at Action on Salt, based at Queen Mary University of London and Bart’s Hospital showed that three out of five plant-based restaurant meals contained more than 3g of salt per meal, with 19 dishes containing more salt than the full daily allowance.

Two-thirds of foods sold by fast food outlets would carry a red nutritional warning label if they were sold in shops.

The research was supported by Sustain's Children's Food Campaign, which is calling for the Government to enforce more robust salt reduction targets and bring the out of home sector into line with the retail sector, where more progress in removing excess salt from salt levels has been made.

Excess salt in diets can cause high blood pressure and increase the risk of strokes and heart failure.

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  1. Another good reason to consider use of salt alternatives such as seaweed flakes – add flavour with much less sodium than salt…

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