Reduce, reuse, recycle: why foodservice companies must press ahead with their packaging policies in association with kp

Our 2022 report considered the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on foodservice packaging, and whether efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle had waned. We found brands were still committed but were struggling to find and fund suitably sustainable solutions. The pace of policy making had also slowed.

Twelve months on and the sector has been grappling with a number of other geo-political issues that have seen supplies stretched and prices skyrocket. The cost of living crisis has already led to calls for some green regulations to be postponed, while net-zero commitments have grabbed the attention of corporate sustainability leaders.

Surely, then, packaging has slipped (quietly) down the priority list as campaigners and consumers ease off and businesses are given breathing space to ride out these storms? Not a chance. If anything, the climate crisis, cost crunch and supply chain chaos have heightened concerns and reaffirmed the need to go further and faster.

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