New Report Launch: The Future of Foodservice Packaging in association with BaxterStorey

Foodservice must embrace new packaging models

Packaging solutions that focus on replacing single-use plastics with other single-use materials risk reinforcing problems with existing foodservice supply chains.

This was the message from Michael Lenaghan, environmental policy advisor at Zero Waste Scotland, who challenged foodservice businesses to redesign their entire service provision, including the adoption of reuse models, rather than focus on packaging solutions, such as recycling, that sustain existing business models.

Lenaghan was speaking as part of a panel at the launch of a new Footprint Intelligence report: The future of foodservice packaging. Attendees also heard from speakers from Compass Group, the Foodservice Packaging Association and report sponsor Bidfood about how the industry has responded to the packaging agenda and the importance of collaboration between supply chain partners so that products are designed with responsible disposal in mind.

Earlier, report writer David Burrows presented the key findings from the report which assesses the progress that has been made in tackling packaging sustainability and the challenges businesses continue to face.

One of the report’s key conclusions is that better data is needed on how much packaging is used in the sector and where it currently ends up in order to develop the required infrastructure to capture packaging on-the-go, at the office or at home.

The report is available as a free download as is a podcast of the launch event.

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