A Caterer’s Guide to Better Meat in association with RSPCA Assured

The way meat is produced and consumed has come under the spotlight as evidence mounts of its contribution to climate change and other environmental pressures. The UK’s Climate Change Committee says meat and dairy consumption needs to fall by 20% by 2035 to put the UK on the path to net zero. Others have gone…
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Footprint Sustainability Index 2021

Launched, in association with Nestlé Professional, the annual Footprint Sustainability Index is the guide to a more sustainable future for the out of home sector. The 2021 Index identifies key trends and opportunities to help foodservice leaders build their business sustainability, develop a responsive strategy and benchmark good practice. Click to read the report The research…
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Sustainable success in the new normal: conquering challenges in education catering in a COVID-19 world

COVID-19 has created a raft of new challenges for those involved in catering for the education sector, from disruption in the supply chain and the availability of products, to multiple sittings, an increased propensity towards pack lunches and wildly fluctuating student numbers. The sector has been amazing, responding with innovation and imagination to provide nutritious food to young people.

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Getting Inside Customers’ Minds research in association with Compass

How much do customers think about health when eating out of home? What words and messaging communicate healthier choices to them? What kinds of healthier options do they want? And how can foodservice capitalise on health and wellbeing trends whilst helping to tackle the food-related health crisis? This abridged report of the Getting Inside Customers’ Minds research in…
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Fourth and Footprint Intelligence Food needs YOU report

From chefs to menu development, marketing to kitchen porters, your guide to tackling food waste - whatever your job title. Footprint Intelligence was commissioned by Fourth to create a guide outlining how different job roles could tackle food waste. The results are a mix of desk-based research and semi-structured interviews with industry experts. The sample…
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