A transparent future for foodservice: how environmental data is greening supply chains and empowering the public, in association with Foodprint

Data is the new oil, or so the saying goes. There’s a certain irony, then, in the fact that improved visibility of environmental data is helping businesses accelerate efforts to reduce their exposure to polluting fossil fuels and source sustainable food.

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In recent years, foodservice operators and their suppliers have made bold commitments to slash their greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net-zero. But in order to know where you are heading, it’s crucial to understand where you are.

With the support of experts, companies are working to lift the lid on their supply chains to determine the extent of their emissions and the sources of them. It’s a crucial exercise that provides the foundations for robust ESG reporting and climate action roadmaps.

In this report we explore how an ever-growing number of foodservice businesses are leveraging real-time environmental data and insight to drive decision making in key areas such as supply chain, menu offerings and procurement.

We highlight the potential for data to drive operational efficiencies and unlock cost savings; and how it can help businesses meet their own and government reporting requirements in areas such as net-zero, while responding to investor and employee demand for ambition and transparency on everything from carbon and biodiversity to food waste and plastic pollution.

Download the report here

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