A Caterer’s Guide to Better Meat in association with RSPCA Assured

The way meat is produced and consumed has come under the spotlight as evidence mounts of its contribution to climate change and other environmental pressures. The UK’s Climate Change Committee says meat and dairy consumption needs to fall by 20% by 2035 to put the UK on the path to net zero. Others have gone further with the Eating Better coalition of over 50 organisations calling for a reduction in meat and dairy consumption in the UK by 50% by 2030. Yet there are also those who argue meat can form a key part of a sustainable diet so long as it is produced in an environmentally sensitive manner. A new narrative around ‘less and better’ meat is emerging which recognises that eating less meat is intrinsic to eating better meat without removing the option for people to eat meat altogether.

Based on in-depth research and interviews with business leaders, farmers, campaigners and other experts, this report considers what better meat looks like for the foodservice sector and how can businesses get there.

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