Wrap publishes new scope 3 emissions guidance in ‘world first’

Wrap has developed the “world’s first methodology” to accurately measure and report food and drink greenhouse gas emissions consistently.

Food retailers, manufacturers and foodservice companies have been struggling to get to grips with scope 3 emissions. Common concerns have included issues with data (which can be out of date or inaccurate) and the cost of using external consultancies.

Working closely with businesses, governments, academics and expert bodies the charity has developed new guidance and protocols to provide businesses with a “consistent methodology for measuring and tracking their progress in reducing supply chain emissions”. There are also product footprint questionnaires that can be issued to suppliers.

Wrap said the work would help ensure “evidenced and rational decision-making” on how to ensure businesses meet their declared targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their operations.

Further analysis of the protocols will be provided by Footprint in due course.

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