The Absolut Company joins forces with The Coca-Cola Company, Carlsberg and L’Oréal to advance sustainable progress in the bottling industry

The project is an initiative to build a global community of industry leaders united in the goal of creating a fully bio-based and recyclable paper bottle.

To further sustainable innovation within the bottling industry, The Absolut Company is thrilled to be joining Paboco, the Paper Bottle Company, alongside leading industry names Coca-Cola, Carlsberg and L'Oréal.

Paboco, which originally launched back in 2015 as the start-up ecoXpac, has grown into a joint scale-up venture between paper packaging materials and solutions provider BillerudKorsnäs, and bottle manufacturing specialist Alpla.

Together with Coca-Cola, Carlsberg and L'Oréal, The Absolut Company, alongside the bottling industry’s leading experts in material, design and technology, will work collaboratively in order to share the challenges faced in producing a new product for liquid goods such as carbonated and still drinks, beauty products and more. Still in the early stages of its development, the initiative aims to work step-by-step with its partners to develop a fully functional product made entirely of renewable fibres.

Lena Danielsson, Head of Innovation and New Ventures at The Absolut Company comments: “Joining the Paboco community seemed like a natural fit as our commitment to sustainability has always been one of Absolut Vodka’s key pillars. We look forward to working alongside likeminded individuals to further minimize our impact on the planet and create a product that helps us move toward a more circular system of living”.

The Absolut Company has recognized the importance of accountability since the beginning and uses recycled glass in its bottles and a low impact “One source” production process. As a Paboco partner, The Absolut Company will continue initiatives to drive consumer engagement surrounding sustainability, encouraged by the belief that conscious consumers will mean a greater demand for environmentally clean products. With the introduction of the new paper bottle, product shelf-life expectations are likely to change and the team at Absolut are working with the retail industry to communicate consumer awareness and advise on best practice.

Through this partnership, The Absolut Company will also be pushing the global recycling industry to create effective recycling streams worldwide that can fully process the recyclable bottle, both paper and barrier.

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