Tesco project targets food waste in the home

Tesco has partnered with environmental charity Hubbub on an intensive six-week trial to reduce food waste in the home.

The No Time for Waste Challenge will test a series of interventions ranging from help with meal planning to leftover-inspired cooking sessions with professional chefs.

The project kicks off as new research from Tesco shows covid-19 has led to a dramatic change in the nation’s food habits.

The survey of over 2,000 UK adults found that the lockdown has led to 67% of people now feeling differently about food. For almost a third of respondents (29%) covid-19 has made them more aware of the value of food and 38% said lockdown, and the difficulties it has brought, represented the single most important event in their lifetime when it comes to their relationship with food and food waste.

More than a third (35%) of people reduced their food waste during lockdown and 75% have kept this up since restrictions have lifted. Almost two thirds (61%) are now cooking with leftovers every week; just under a third (32%) are planning their food shops more carefully to buy exactly what is needed or can be safely stored; and almost a quarter (22%) are batch cooking and freezing more. Only 3% of those who reduced food waste during lockdown said they don’t plan to continue these new habits in future.

Despite these significant changes, a third of people still don’t feel confident freezing or defrosting leftovers and a quarter waste food due to a lack ideas for using up leftovers or cut-offs, such as trimmings.

The No Time for Waste Challenge aims to change this by testing a range of interventions that can help families cut food waste. The results will be used by Tesco and Hubbub to help households across the UK reduce food waste which Hubbub says is costing the average UK family of four £60 a month.

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