We launched Footprint in 2007 when concerns for the environment were just becoming mainstream with consumers being encouraged to turn lights off, recycle and buy local. The word “sustainability” was barely on the radar.

Like many ideas, Footprint came about as the result of a conversation. The conversation we were having revolved around the futility of encouraging individuals to make small changes to lifestyle when the wider impact would be minimal. What was needed, we reasoned, was for the world’s biggest organisations to take this on board, so that small changes would make major gains by the very nature of their size and volume of output. For our own interest we looked around for sources of information for interested companies and found none. Footprint was born.

When we went to market with the proposition, many thought sustainability was a fad and a temporary marketing wheeze, while some paid lip service. However, a handful of forward-thinking businesses really got it and supported our quest. As soon as other businesses began to realise that “going green”, as it was referred to then, actually fell within the realms of business efficiency with a resulting benefit to the bottom line, the penny began to drop.

Today, Footprint's market-leading b2b media, events, research and consultancy span a number of sectors. The organisation's magazines, insight, digital and news products, awards, conferences and exhibitions connect whole supply and value chains as well as policy-makers, NGO's, media and academics; enabling businesses to operate more sustainably whilst enjoying greater commercial and reputational success.