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WHO backs sugary drinks taxes

More countries should follow the UK’s lead and introduce taxes on sugar-sweetened drinks, according to a new report published by the World Health Organisation. “[…] there is reasonable and increasing evidence that appropriately designed taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages would result in proportional reductions in consumption, especially if aimed at raising the retail price by 20%…
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More cancers linked to poor diet

The link between poor diet and cancer has become even more compelling after a panel of experts concluded that obesity is a risk factor in eight more cancers than previously thought. The study, carried out by scientists convened by the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), concluded that there was sufficient…
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NFU reveals roadmap for fruit and veg growth

Improving nutritional labeling on menus and increasing availability of healthier foods in vending machines are just two ways in which foodservice businesses can help boost UK fruit and vegetable consumption, according to a new NFU report. The ‘Fit for the Future’ report marks an attempt by the NFU to help tackle the obesity crisis by…
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Bad news for bacon

THE WORLD Health Organisation has classified the consumption of processed red meat as “carcinogenic to humans” and red meat as “probably carcinogenic”.   Experts at WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IACR) said there was sufficient evidence that eating meats like bacon and sausages causes colorectal cancer.   Just 50g – about two slices…
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Next in the line of fire?

THE FOSSIL fuel divestment movement is going mainstream and food companies could become high-profile targets writes Nick Hughes.                           When a cause unites a group as diverse as the Norwegian parliament, the former chairman of Royal Dutch Shell and one of the world’s…
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Tens of thousands march against GMO giant Monsanto

CONSUMERS STILL say no to GMO as tens of thousands take part in the third annual March Against Monsanto to protest against the American biotechnology giant’s genetically modified crops and pesticides.                           Protests occurred in around 400 cities, in more than 40 countries…
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London second most sustainable city in the world

IN A REPORT by consultants Arcadis, London has been named the world’s second most sustainable city.                     Beaten only by Frankfurt, the UK Capital was among a number of European cities hailed for achievements including social, economic and environmental sustainability.   The Sustainable Cities Index assesses 50…
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7-a-day keeps the doctor away

A STUDY carried out by University College London has found that eating seven or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day is healthier than the currently recommended five.                             After a seven year research project of 65,226 men and women, experts…
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