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Knorr reveals sustainability behind its sauce

AS PART OF Unilever Food Solutions’ Sustainable Living Plan, the company has announced that its range of Knorr Italian Sauces is made with sustainably-grown tomatoes.   Grown on its farms in Spain, Knorr’s sustainable tomatoes are just one of the ways the company plans to source 100% of its agricultural raw materials sustainably by 2020.…
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Operators not working hard enough to reduce waste

RESTAURANTS OWNERS feel that food waste is an “inevitable part of the industry” and are not working hard enough to reduce waste. This is costing them significant sums of money.   That’s according to Mark Linehan, MD at the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA), who was speaking June 4th, at an industry-wide event organised by Unilever…
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New app to help chefs cut food waste

CHEFS are being offered a free app to help them keep track of the food waste in their kitchens and better assess how to reduce it.                   The technology has been developed by Unilever Food Solutions as part of its “United Against waste” campaign to help reduce…
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Waste toolkit proving a success

CHANGING PORTION sizes has led to a Devon school dramatically cutting its waste.                     A little communication with the students at St Cuthbert School in Torquay found that each of them was leaving about 2oz of pasta and sauce. Cue a downsizing of the serving pot…
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