• Nudge or be pushed

    THE LIGHT-TOUCH approach to healthy food policy concerns campaigners, but the government and food businesses are now in contact more than ever – and it’s making a difference, Phil Hooper tells David Burrows.    It’s no secret the coalition government… Read More

  • Footprint Annual Review: Cheap milk, pricey gas and unethical coffee

    THE TOP stories of 2012, from Starbucks’ tax travails to rising energy bills and the “greenest Olympics ever”.   January/February   With the mince pies sitting heavily around the waistline and the influence of festive parties still coursing through the veins,… Read More

  • Sandwiches need clearer labelling

    SANDWICHES CAN contain a fairly thick slice of daily guidelines amounts of fat and salt, according to a new report by Which?   The research, which focussed on sandwiches bought through retailers, found that contents varied so widely that a… Read More

  • Footprint catches up with Sodexo’s Phil Hooper on the Responsibility Deal

    THE GOVERNMENT’S Public Health Responsibility Deal is one year old, and campaigners believe it is failing. A report by Which? last week claimed that voluntary agreements do not work and is now calling for legislation on mandatory calorie labelling out… Read More

  • Caterer cuts salt by over 600kg

    THE RESTAURANT chains took a bit of a battering last week in a new report by Which?, but there was good news this week with Charlton House announcing the first results of its salt reduction programme.     In 2011,… Read More

  • Responsibility Deal not working

    IT’S BEEN a year since the Government introduced its Public Health Responsibility Deal, and campaigners are suggesting it has been a wasted 12 months.   Which? has assessed the progress of the Deal and is not impressed. The consumer group said the… Read More