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Nutrition must become a mandatory part of catering college syllabuses

NUTRITIONAL EDUCATION must become explicitly embedded in catering colleges’ syllabuses. This was the overall conclusion to a Footprint Intelligence focus group held yesterday at Westminster Kingsway College.                   Diet related illnesses are expected to have cost the NHS 15.8bn in 2015. With one in 6 meals eaten…
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Hat trick for Westminster Kingsway at Toque d’Or

2015 HAS seen an unprecedented first for Nestlé Professional Toque d’Or with Westminster Kingsway College taking home the highly coveted Toque d’Or Trophy for a third time.                       The team of three front and back of house students took their prize - and walked into…
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Prize display for champions of healthy living

ACCORDING TO dubious research cooked up for a marketing campaign a few years ago the third Monday of January deserves the title of “Blue Monday”. That’s when people are at their most miserable, thanks to a combination of post-Christmas blues, cold dark nights and the arrival of unpaid credit card bills. This year it fell on…
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