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Cows, coffee and COP 21

DESPITE A CANCELLED climate march, COP 21 in Paris has started strongly amid tight security. Countries are keen to show their commitment with 150 world leaders, such as Cameron, Obama and Merkel, turning up to show their support. Europe is putting waste high on the agenda, committing European countries to recycling 65% of their rubbish,…
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Bin sizes and food waste collections impact recycling rates

A NEW report by WRAP has found that factors within council authority control, such as bin sizes and food waste collections, account for the biggest variations in recycling rates, explaining up to 65% of the variation in recycling rates between councils. Food waste collections were found to be an indicator of higher recycling rates, with…
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Zero-waste restaurant expands green initiatives

BRAND NEW zero-waste restaurant, Silo, seeks crowd-funding to pay for zero-carbon food imports.                           The Brighton-based ethical restaurant, Silo is looking to raise £40,000 through crowd funding to help it import coffee beans, red wine and cacao by sailing ship.   Their aim…
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Sainsbury’s launches special Halloween recycling scheme

SAINSBURY’S HAS launched a special recycling scheme to help get customers composting this Halloween.                     The supermarket giant expects to sell just over one million pumpkins this week, but once carved, pumpkins are often thrown away – even though they can be easily recycled.   To…
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New insights help industry target household food waste reduction

NEW INSIGHTS on how to reduce household food waste can help industry target their activity and enable their customers to waste less and save money. The report released today from WRAP highlights that 2 million tonnes of household food is discarded because it is not ‘used in time’, half of which is thrown away whole…
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World Bank estimates third of food is wasted

THE WORLD BANK has estimated that the world wastes one-quarter to one-third of all food produced for human consumption in its most recent Food Price Watch report.                     The report states that the global community wastes a total of 11 billion metric tons every year. In…
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Bin barrier to waste recycling

SOME COMPANIES are getting a raw deal from collection contracts which offer little incentive to prevent food from ending up in landfill.                    The profit sector is getting a much better deal on its waste contracts than the cost sector, according to an extensive new report by…
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Food inflation rates to continue to beat Consumer Price Index

CHICKEN AND pork prices expected to drop, but food inflation rates are to continue to beat CPI rates as it eases slightly from 4.4% to 3.8% in 2014.                 Prestige Purchasing, procurement specialist for the food service industry is warning that food inflation is expected to reach 3.8…
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