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Under-Counter Powder Broker

Warewasher manufacturer Winterhalter has found a way to manage water and energy usage in its machines that offers major sustainable benefits – and fewer broken plates.   Getting the balance right when it comes to energy and water usage on dishwashers is a tricky balancing act; water and electricity have to be used but it…
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Classeq Choice for Smaller Ops

Smaller outlets should not be seduced into thinking a domestic dishwasher will cut the mustard environmentally or cost wise.   Many smaller premises such as B&Bs, farmhouse tearooms and small start- up cafes may be tempted to struggle on with a domestic dishwasher as they build up their business. However this can be a false…
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The Water of Life

Restaurants installing their own bottled water plants could be the way forward in the battle to cut down on both waste and road miles.   Top end London restaurant Quo Vadis has installed an Eau de Vie filtered water system from Classeq that allows Quo Vadis to serve bottled, chilled mains water that’s been fresh-filtered…
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‘Twinset’ is a Pearl

Warewasher manufacturer Winterhalter steps in to minimise a pub chain’s carbon footprint and provide water and energy savings.   However you look at it a warewasher by its very nature, has to use two of the world’s most valuable commodities to do its job: and in some quantities, too. Hygienic cleaning is only possible with…
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