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Vacherin adopts reduced meat and dairy menus

Vacherin’s range of sustainable meals have been adapted so they include less meat and more veg. No more than 30% of a dish should comprise animal proteins with an upper limit for meat or fish content set at three ounces. At least 35% of each meal should be fruit and veg with no processed ingredients.…
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Vacherin smashes zero waste target

Vacherin has hit its target of becoming a zero waste-to-landfill organisation more than a year earlier than scheduled. In April 2016, the specialist London caterer set itself the target of sending zero waste to landfill by 2018; however a recent waste audit confirmed it had met its ambition well ahead of schedule. Packaging and food…
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Foodservice should tell its own ugly veg story

Never one to pass up a PR opportunity, Tesco chose the second week of Wimbledon to publish a blog from its commercial director Matt Simister on how its range of Perfectly Imperfect strawberries have been “literally flying off the shelves” (now that really would be a story). The range, launched this season, already accounts for…
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Vacherin chefs use three tonnes of ugly veg

Catering firm Vacherin has diverted 3,200 kg of fruit and veg from landfill. The cosmetically rejected produce used in its I’mPerfect range could double this year, according to the company’s 2015/16 sustainability report. The approach is fairly simple: the company’s chefs receive emails detailing the weekly availability of a range of produce that hasn’t passed…
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Beauty’s only skin deep

FOODSERVICE COMPANIES would love to get their hands on the ugly produce that supermarkets discard at the farm gate. But as Vacherin has discovered, it's easier said than done.                   Who cares what a carrot or apple looks like – it’s the taste that matters. Or is it?…
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December’s magazine in numbers

0 – number of all-male boards in FTSE100                           Lord Davies has published his report on how women’s representation on the boards of the FTSE 100 has changed since 2010. In 2011, women made up 12.5% of board members; today it’s 25%, with…
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Caterer launches low carbon menus

CATERER VACHERIN is calling for the catering industry to play a vital role in helping to reach the emission reduction targets set by COP21.                   Speaking to Footprint following COP21, Anthony Kingsley, Vacherin’s sustainability and CSR lead, commented, “There appears to be a lack of conversation about…
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News review

Disposable cutlery ban France could soon say “non” to plastic cutlery. The National Assembly has voted in favour of a ban on disposable forks, spoons and plates from 2020. A ban on plastic bags could also come in to force next year, reported The Connexion newspaper. Both measures are included in a bill on renewable…
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Government must clean up its act on litter

FOODSERVICE COMPANIES are among an influential group of campaigns, businesses and member organisations calling for an advisory committee on litter.                           McDonald’s, Costa Coffee, Vacherin and Pret A Manger have all called on the government to take the lead on litter following years…
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