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    US to revive British meat trade

    The US is poised to begin importing British lamb and beef 20 years after trade was cut off at the height of the BSE scandal. Speaking at the opening of the National Sheep Association (NSA) show in Malvern, Worcestershire, farming… Read More

  • Britain asks America to re-think haggis ban

    OWEN PATERSON, the Environment Secretary will meet with Tom Vilsack, US Agriculture Secretary today to discuss whether America will lift its ban on importing Scottish haggis.                           The… Read More

  • Few solutions to a world of problems

    FEEDING THE World come 2050 is a tall order, but answers are in short supply. Footprint left a summit with more questions than answers.                    Journalists are sometimes prone to exaggeration, but… Read More

  • GM needs a hero

    GENETICALLY MODIFIED foods have very little chance of being accepted in Europe unless celebrity chefs and retailers back them.                           With UK retailers having put expansive GM-free policies… Read More

  • Foodservice industry calls for guidance on GM issues from opinion formers

    THE GOOD and the great of the foodservice industry gathered yesterday for Footprint Forum hosted by the US Department of Agriculture, opened with great aplomb by Deputy Chief of Mission Barbara Stephenson at the US Embassy in London’s Grosvenor Square.… Read More

  • Scientists consider new GM wheat trial

    THE INTEREST around genetically modified (GM) crops is continuing to rise with reports that scientists at Rothamsted are mulling over a proposal to apply for permission to replicate its GM trial of wheat plants engineered to repel aphids.   Farmers… Read More

  • Getting change on the table…fast

    PERSUADING PEOPLE to eat sustainably could take time that we don’t have. The government’s Green Food Project is tackling the big question of what to do right now.   What will our food industry look like in 2050? It’s a… Read More