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London second most sustainable city in the world

IN A REPORT by consultants Arcadis, London has been named the world’s second most sustainable city.                     Beaten only by Frankfurt, the UK Capital was among a number of European cities hailed for achievements including social, economic and environmental sustainability.   The Sustainable Cities Index assesses 50…
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Climate Change to affect food security

THE UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has published its latest study reporting that the impact of climate change will be felt most keenly in Africa, South America and Asia predicting droughts, food shortages and a rise in diseases such as malaria.                        …
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Lamb versus lentils

THE CONCEPT of cutting meat consumption to save the planet is a difficult one to swallow – especially for a nation that prides itself on livestock farming and craves roast beef on a Sunday. Indeed, it’s an idea that environmentalists love, politicians hate, food companies (often) ignore and consumers don’t really understand.   However, everyone…
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CEO’s fear energy costs more than consumer spending

THE RISING costs of energy and raw materials now concerns businesses more than consumer spending and behaviour.   According to preliminary results from PricewaterhouseCoopers’ global annual survey of almost 800 CEOs, 53% said energy and raw material costs are a major threat to their growth prospects – a 7% increase on last year’s results.  …
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Doha: Progress or Failure?

ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS have reacted angrily to the “failure” that was the Doha climate talks, while the UK Government has called the agreement “a step forward”. Most agree, however, that the progress was modest, with a mismatch between the scale and the urgency of action required and the political will and ambition.   “This year we…
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Climate talks fail

SIX OF THE largest environmental and development organisations in the world issued a statement claiming the climate talks in Doha were “on the brink of disaster” and that “rich governments had 24 hours to urgently make a deal that reflects the scale of planetary emergency facing humanity”.   That was 24 hours ago. And as…
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Water use must be more efficient

GLOBAL LEADERS at the 2012 World Water Week in Stockholm have called for substantial increases in public and private sector investment to reduce losses of food in the supply chain, enhance water efficiency in agriculture and curb consumer waste.   More than a quarter of all the water we use worldwide is taken to grow…
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Europe needs new emission target

EUROPE SHOULD set a target to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% on 1990 levels by 2020 in order to demonstrate political leadership in the run up to UN climate talks in 2015.     That is the verdict of the Energy and Climate Change Committee, which July 25, published a report looking at the future of…
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Bee decline set to force food price up

THE DRAMATIC declines in bee numbers could force food prices up as farmers turn to hand-pollination.                       Research by bee experts at the University of Reading have calculated that it would cost the UK £1.8 billion every year to hand-pollinate crops without bees.   The…
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