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“We have been the greenest Government ever” say Conservatives

THE CONSERVATIVE party's manifesto and election pledges launched this week claim to have stayed true to its promise of being the greenest Government ever.                   The Tories claim "We have been the greenest Government ever, setting up the world's first Green Investment Bank, signing a deal to…
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The year 2015?

THE GENERAL election will undoubtedly eat up much of the media and rhetorical space in the next few months. There will be much puff and little policy. But will environmental issues reappear on the radar?                             They were de rigeur in 2010, but…
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Subsidies to solar farms to be cut

ENVIRONMENT SECRETARY Liz Truss has called solar farms “a blight on the landscape” and revealed plans to cut subsidies under new plans to ensure more land is dedicated to food production.                           The controversial plans have come under fire from groups accusing the…
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