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BHA boss issues Brexit labour warning

The head of the BHA has warned that any clampdown on immigration post-Brexit risks pushing foodservice and hospitality businesses “off a cliff edge”. Ufi Ibrahim told The Mail on Sunday it would not be possible simply to replace the 700,000 migrants who work in businesses such as hotels, restaurants, leisure companies and tourist attractions with…
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The tipping point

WHY RESTAURANTS ARE pushing for more regulation on how they handle employees’ tips. By David Burrows                   It's not often that a business sector will push for red tape, but that’s exactly what the British Hospitality Association is doing. The BHA wants a new law to ensure restaurants…
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Could a sugar tax be on the cards?

THE CHILDHOOD obesity strategy: what can be inferred from three days of debates, seminars and presentations during Food Matters Live?                     Regulation rather than responsibility deal   THE GOVERNMENT’S deputy chief medical officer doesn’t think the voluntary agreements with industry are working. Dr Gina Radford noted the…
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Industry’s sugar stance is hard to swallow

LAST ISSUE all the talk was about cheat devices hidden in VW cars. That hasn’t gone away, but recently I spent three days at Food Matters Live hearing about another covert operation – hidden sugars.   You might have seen the odd press article of late lambasting the new anti- ambrosia. This is all building…
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Responsibility Deal – high costs of failure

PLANS TO DITCH the public health responsibility deal could cost foodservice firms dear, according to the British Hospitality Association. "Lots of companies have invested a lot of money [in this initiative]. We want to see that investment continue," said chief executive Ufi Ibrahim.   Ibrahim, speaking at Food Matters live this week, suggested that the…
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Sodexo and WWF pilot Green & Lean meals

SODEXO HAS teamed up with conservation charity WWF to develop and pilot a set of 10 sustainable meals. The project is part of Sodexo’s partnership with WWF on LiveWell, WWF-UK’s flagship programme of work which aims to encourage businesses and policy-makers to facilitate the adoption of diets which are both healthy and sustainable. The meals,…
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BHA pushes for tipping transparency law

THE BRITISH Hospitality Association has called for a new law to ensure restaurants and hotels provide clearer information on tips and service charges. The move raises questions about the success of the industry’s voluntary code on tipping transparency, which has been in place for six years.   A number of high street chains have been…
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Living wage debate dominates budget

GEORGE OSBORNE used the first Conservative budget in 20 years to introduce a new national living wage. Starting next April at £7.20, it will rise to £9 by 2020. Osborne said companies should be able to afford the cost of the living wage because of cuts to corporation tax, which will drop to 18% from…
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