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Bedevilled by sustainability detail

SUSTAINABILITY REPORTING has moved away from greenwashing thanks to greater transparency, but has now become far too focused on detail. In essence, it’s become a “box-ticking exercise”, according to new research by Two Tomorrows.                   The Tomorrow’s Value Research (TVR) 2012 reveals that, in the drive for…
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S – Word Ssssssshhhhhh

IT MAY be the most overused word of the 21st century – and we’re among the worst offenders. But does it mean so many different things to so many people that we’re better off avoiding it altogether? We ask the experts.                         We're ahead…
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Full report and presentations: Agriculture Abroad Footprint Forum

Footprint Forum 23 November 2011  (For Video at the Forum click here) The foodservice industry faces many headaches when it comes to international sourcing of raw materials. But October’s forum provided a clarity and vision that ensured it was only the ‘not-so-Innocent’ cocktails that had attendees reaching for the Aspirin. IT WAS always going to be…
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