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Bigger fines for food fraud

THE EUROPEAN Commission wants to impose “truly dissuasive” fines in a bid to combat food fraud.   The proposal is part of a package of food safety measures published this week.   Health commissioner Tonio Borg said the package would simplify the rules for safer food, but also strengthen them. The changes come at an…
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EU countries vote in favour of pesticide ban

RESTRICTIONS ON THE pesticides some blame for harming bee populations moved a step closer today.                     In all, 15 European Member States supported a ban on three neonicotinoid pesticides. Eight countries voted against the ban and four abstained.   Given that a qualified majority was not…
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Reviews of horse meat scandal announced

THE WAY in which the Food Standards Agency (FSA) responded to the horse meat scandal will be assessed as part of an independent review.                           Whilst the agency’s investigations continue, the initial response to the incident, which involved the adulteration of beef products,…
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