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Bug bites

EATING INSECTS could offer huge benefits for food security, but how will firms overcome the ick factor? Brand expert Imogen Birt reports.                   About 80% of the world’s nations already enjoy eating insects but it’s yet to take off in Western markets. Some companies are starting to…
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EU allergen law receives criticism from over 100 chefs and restaurateurs

OVER 100 chefs and restauranteurs – from household names to small, family-run restaurants – have signed an open letter which criticises the EU allergen law.                     The letter, signed by hundreds of industry professionals, suggests that the new regulations will inflict significant damage on the catering…
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Food waste hero, or potential villain?

PIGS ARE being touted as the solution to the UK foodservice sector's food waste problem. But there are reputation risks attached to the concept.                     The Pig Idea is a campaign that is quickly gathering momentum. The aim is to lift the European ban on feeding food…
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