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EU to limit anglers to one sea bass a day

THE EUROPEAN Commission has recommended that anglers should be fined if they catch and keep more than one sea bass a day as part of its effort to prevent over fishing.                           The proposal comes as the EU warns that stocks of the…
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North Sea fish stocks still off limits

THE MARINE Conservation Society (MSC) has released the latest version of its sustainable seafood guide, in which the organisation say that North Sea cod should remain off limits.                   Despite a decrease in the amount of North Sea cod being fished over recent years the MSC says…
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Norwegian haddock quota cut; price rise expected

THE PRICE of haddock is expected to rise after cuts to fishing quotas in Norway were confirmed, due to low Barents Sea stock levels.   Imports from Norway make up around 50% of all haddock bought in to Britain, but an agreement to reduce the levels that fisheries can catch next year may lead to…
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