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Research confirms next generation bioplastics could be made from trees

A RESEARCH project led by Biome Bioplastics has demonstrated the feasibility of extracting organic chemicals from lignin for the manufacture of bioplastics.                           The results stem from a grant from the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, awarded to a consortium led…
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Report sets out agricultural challenges until 2030

'FEEDING THE FUTURE' an agricultural innovation report, which sets outs Britain's future food production challenges up to 2030, launches supported by the Technology Strategy Board. The ‘Feeding the Future' concept grew from the need for a coherent high-level research and development (R&D) strategy for UK agriculture and horticulture, that could better leverage the value of…
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Low carbon truck trial

TRUCK OPERATORS are being invited to bid for a slice of a £9.5m fund to drive low carbon vehicles.   The ‘Low carbon truck demonstration trial’ will deliver fleets of low-emission heavy goods vehicles as well as supporting infrastructure such as fuelling stations and electric recharging hubs.   The funding will come from the Department…
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