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Brakes’ fish pledge means sustainable fish for millions

BRAKES HAS taken a Sustainable Fish Cities pledge.                        Millions of UK schoolchildren, hospital patients, workplaces and restaurant diners are to be served only demonstrably sustainable fish, thanks to the pledge signed today by Brakes, the UK's largest food wholesale supplier.   The Sustainable Fish Cities…
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Bournemouth and Poole named as UK’s first Sustainable Fish City

THE MAJORITY of restaurants and catering outlets across Bournemouth and Poole have pledged to use fish species from the Marine Conservation Society's green-rated list of most sustainable species, and avoid using those from the endangered and red-rated list.                       Campaign group Sustain gave Bouremouth and…
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Footprint Forum Report: Cut the clutter

CATERING FIRMS are faced with myriad eco-labels. But are they an essential part of communicating their ethics?                   Ask a student what factors determine the food they buy and price will invariably come top – and who can blame them, with the average graduate’s debt running at…
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