Sustainable Diet

  • Meat needs higher value, says WWF

    PLACING GREATER value on meat could help to cut consumption with knock-on benefits for the environment and health, according to a new report published by WWF-UK and the Food Ethics Council (FEC).     High meat consumption has been associated… Read More

  • Sustainable Diets

    ENCOURAGING CONSUMERS to adopt sustainable diets is important for health, environmental and social reasons. But there is difficulty in defining what such a diet is and how to communicate this to the consumer in a way they can engage with… Read More

  • British population falling short of daily iron needs

    LACK OF iron in the diet is a key health problem in the UK. Commenting on this latest health news from, independent dietitian, Dr Carrie Ruxton a member of the Meat Advisory Panel (MAP), notes: “First of all it… Read More

  • Putting VEG at the heart of the plate

    This article first appeared in the 23 March issue of Fresh Produce Journal It has been published here with the publication’s approval.   The government might not want to commit on what it sees as a sustainable diet, but… Read More