• Don’t rely on Government

    77% believe governments need catastrophe to tackle climate change   EXPERT AND public confidence in the ability of national governments to tackle global environmental, economic and social challenges is at a severe low. This will mean businesses taking the lead.… Read More

  • Footprint Awards 2012 Shortlist Announced

    Footprint Awards 2012 shortlist announced today. With thanks to our headline sponsor Nestlé Professional and all of our Category sponsors who make the Footprint Awards possible, the industry’s only awards scheme encouraging sustainability and responsible business throughout the supply chain is set to… Read More

  • Foodservice Footprint Issue 14 – January 2012

    THE FACT THE GOVERNMENT  has failed to meet a sustainability target is not surprising (page 8). This is a government that has gone from “the greenest ever” to red-faced. Who can forget the Chancellor’s attack on environmental measures in October:… Read More

  • Video: Footprint Forum at Fruit Towers (2 videos available)

    The Footprint Forum went to Fruit Towers to talk about Agriculture Abroad and the positive contribution that Foodservice can make to the global food system and sustainability.  For the written report of what went on at the Forum click here… Read More

  • Have Ethical labels have lost their value?

    Sustainability labels cannot deliver sufficient business value or drive the level of consumer demand needed to develop a sustainable economy, according to a new report published today.     Signed, Sealed… Delivered? assesses the value and challenges that businesses find in using certification and labelling… Read More

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    The Olympic Games in London 2012 may not meet its sustainability goals unless sponsors start taking on some of the burden. According to reports in the Financial Times, the head of the organising committee, David Stubbs, said of the targets:… Read More

  • A Sea of Sustainability

    Seafood taken from the world’s oceans has increased five-fold in the past 50 years. Yet Britain’s appetite continues to grow, especially out of home where it accounts for 18 per cent of meals. These two combined factors are putting a… Read More

  • Brakes puts Sustainability First

      Brakes Group can claim a lot of ‘firsts’ in its effort to promote sustainability in foodservice over the past 10 years.   Brakes Group is a leading foodservice supplier in Europe with 10,000 employees in 80 locations, and 1,000… Read More

  • Beyond the Label: Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade; the same, just different..

    With over 100 eco-labelling schemes in the EU alone, accusations of greenwash filling the columns and once simple eco-ethical claims becoming more complicated, the humble – yet enormously powerful – consumer can be forgiven for finding themselves in the health… Read More

  • Meat of the Matter

    With increasing demand for protein from those parts of the world where a vegetable-based diet has been the historical norm, questions are being raised as to the environmental impact of the burgeoning livestock industry.   You name it, whether we… Read More