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Space age is over for supermarkets

SHOPPERS ARE turning away from megastores towards convenience. Combines with growing urban populations and stricter regulations on emissions this will test supply chain logistics to the max.                           British supermarkets have traditionally been addicted to space. But, as Goldman Sachs reports in its…
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Courtauld Commitment Phase 2 helps delivers £3.1bn in savings

THE GROCERY sector reduced food and packaging waste by 1.7 million tonnes which equates to 4.8 million tonnes of CO2eq under the Courtauld Commitment Phase 2 agreement. The final results released today from WRAP, show significant progress has been made. The supply chain target has been exceeded, the packaging target has been met and the…
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Retail sector losing over £6bn through supply chain waste

NEW RESEARCH from WRAP reveals that the UK grocery retail sector could be losing as much as £6.9bn as a result of food and packaging waste in the supply chain.   The new figures show that an estimated 7% of the value of food and drink sales to households, money which could be used to…
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Plastic bag tax ‘encourages shoppers to recycle bags’

CALL FOR levy to be introduced nationwide as figures show public not prepared to pay extra to carry home their weekly shop.   British shoppers would be more likely than ever to use their own bags for their weekly grocery shop if the rest of the country was to follow the lead of Wales and…
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Products shrink but prices don’t

WITH RAW material prices on the increase and health groups encouraging some food brands to decrease their portion sizes, product shrinkage should be a good thing.   Not according to Which?   The consumer campaign group has discovered that products are shrinking much more than their prices – and in one case the price actually…
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Supermarkets adjudicator in place

LARGE SUPERMARKETS have been told to treat their suppliers fairly, or face fines from the new Groceries Code Adjudicator.   In a change likely to be widely welcomed by suppliers and farmers, the Competition Minister Jo Swinson announced that the Adjudicator will have “more teeth” to protect suppliers from unfair treatment.   However, the British…
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