Sugary Drinks

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    End of sugar quotas bad for obesity

    Health campaigners have suggested that scrapping the EU’s sugar quota regime could undermine the tax on sugar-sweetened drinks. Defra and the EU’s agriculture ministers are “gung-ho” for the new sugar regime, which will see quotas scrapped, said Tam Fry from… Read More

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    School head bans energy drinks

    Energy drinks have been banned at a school in Scotland after children were found downing the caffeine-enriched products for breakfast. Melvyn Lynch, head teacher at Forfar Academy, said the drinks are a contributory factor in bad behaviour. In a letter… Read More

  • 20% tax on sugary drinks essential says health select committee

    THE PRESSURE IS on the government to drop opposition to a 20% tax on sugary drinks. A report by a cross party health select committee has concluded a 10-20% tax is an essential part of any national strategy to tackle… Read More

  • Numbers you need to know

    Sign of the times More than 144,000 people signed a petition in support of a 7p charge on every regular-sized can of soft drink with added sugar. As is parliamentary protocol, the government considered the topic for debate. And then said… Read More

  • Back of house

    POLITICIANS DON’T seem keen on a tax on sugary drinks, so the Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group took matters into its own hands. CEO Simon Blagden suggests it won’t be long before others follow their lead.           … Read More