Sophie Flak

  • Stretching the limits of sustainability

    FOOD BUSINESSES must be careful not to see target-setting as a competition.                           One of the most difficult tasks facing sustainability managers is how to set targets. “The… Read More

  • Hotel Group launches plan to partner with eco-farms

    ACCOR HOTELS announced its Plant for the Planet programme will fund 200,000 trees in the UK in a pioneering project designed to promote sustainable food production and nurture links between hotels, guests and farms.   Europe’s largest hotel group marked… Read More

  • Get staff on board the green bandwagon

    CUTTING RESOURCE use can save vital cash for recession-hit companies but it can’t be done without engaging workers. Industry figures explain how they’ve gone about it.                           Resource… Read More

  • Accor targets balanced meals in sustainability plan

    THE PROMOTION of healthy meals and the removal of endangered seafood species from all menus are two of the standout targets in a new sustainability plan launched by Accor today.                    … Read More

  • What does the hotel of the future look like?

    THE ACCOR Group says it is about to change the face of the hospitality sector with an ambitious five-year action plan to reduce its environmental impacts. And it might do just that.                  … Read More