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A healthier health service       

NHS ENGLAND wants to kick junk food out of hospitals as part of a £5m plan to improve staff wellbeing. But lucrative contracts with the likes of Burger King could be a problem. A spoonful of sugar may help the medicine go down, but NHS England is looking to restrict access to the white stuff…
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News in review: Hospital food battle. FDF boss attacks health lobby. Alcohol an economic benefit. Campylobacter on chickens – latest results. Bag tax benefits. Efra commences dairy price inquiry.

Hospital food review                       The Hospital Caterers Association has published a lengthy response to NHS England’s attack on junk food served to staff, visitors and patients. "Many of the areas of concern that are being raised as [chief executive Simon] Stevens outlines his push to…
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Weighty problems

CONSUMERS ARE confused about what makes them fat so it’s no surprise a third don’t consider health when they’re eating out. That means businesses have to, but is the Responsibility Deal enough to make a difference?                   In the past decade sugar consumption has fallen 12%. In…
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