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News in review

SALT LINKED to obesity in new study. (Small) bonus for female workers. Blow for minimum price deal on alcohol. Be careful with burgers. Pop star’s plea on climate change.                             Salt in the spotlight CONSIDERABLE PROGRESS has been made to reduce the consumption…
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Minister’s viewpoint

IN THE past year, barely a week has gone by without lively debate over the potential impact that salt, fat, and in particular sugar can have on our bodies.                            As public health minister, I welcome the fact that many businesses are responding…
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Department of Health updates 2017 salt pledge

THE DEPARTMENT of Health has updated its 2017 target to reduce the average intake of salt consumed by the public as part of the Responsibility Deal.                         The pledge has been updated to target foodservice operators and include products sold through ‘out-of-home’ foodservice channels…
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New pledges for RD

THREE NEW salt pledges, specifically focused on the catering sector, have been announced by the Department of Health (DH).   The pledges, which are part of the Government’s much-hyped Responsibility Deal on health, will encourage more companies to make their commitment to improving public health through salt reduction.   Seventy-seven businesses have signed up to…
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