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Novel idea to cut salt in fish & chips

IT MIGHT well be a British favourite, but fish and chips is not always a healthy option – especially if there’s extra salt. However, one fish and chip shop in Yorkshire is trying to help its customers eat less salt by serving the meals “Italian style”.   This weekend, as part of salt awareness week,…
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No Salt Recipe for Salt Awareness Week

We loved working with the Charlton House and the Virgin Atlantic teams on this no salt recipe video for the Consensus Action on Salt & Health (CASH) website and Salt Awareness Week. It is a vivid example of what can be done to change culture and how quickly customers can become accustomed to new tastes.
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Aviko cuts 16 tonnes of salt from products

POTATO PROCESSOR Aviko has slashed the salt content of over 10 of its most popular potato products.   Between 2011 and 2012 the company removed 16 tonnes of salt from products so they meet Food Standards Agency (FSA) guidelines.     The Food Standards Agency 2012 guidelines stipulate a maximum level of 300mg of sodium or…
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