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Compass joins RTRS

Compass has joined the Roundtable on Responsible Soy (RTRS). The move comes hot on the heels of the catering firm’s poor performance in last month’s Soy Scorecard, published by WWF. Compass scored four points out of 24, which actually put it ahead of the likes of Sodexo (3) and Elior (0). The 2016 Scorecard is…
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Poor performance on soy continues

Companies are still hiding from their “massive responsibility” to source sustainable soy. WWF’s 2016 scorecard shows that the big foodservice firms are still not taking the issue seriously, with Whitbread, Ikea and Brakes all failing to even respond to WWF. Of those that did reply to the NGO, the news wasn’t much better. Elior and…
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Soy sourcing scandal

IT'S CALLED 'the Brazilian miracle' but rocketing demand in turning soy into an environmental disaster while foodservice firms stand by and do nothing. David Burrows reports.                 Foodservice companies have come under fire for their lazy buying practices when it comes to soy. Elior, Sodexo, Compass and Nando’s have…
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UK companies failing to take responsibility for soy production

EUROPEAN COMPANIES that use soy for animal feed or animal products are not doing nearly enough to encourage responsible growers to reduce the negative impacts of soy production, according to a new analysis from WWF.                   Released today at the annual meeting of the Round Table on…
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Sales of responsible soy grow

ALMOST 300,000 TONNES of soy certified by the Roundtable for Responsible Soy (RTRS) have been sold since June 2011 and demand is rising from across the world.   The news comes just a few days before the start of the RTRS 7th Annual Conference, where an annual target will be set to produce and sell…
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